Warlock apply [Accepted]


    Warlock apply [Accepted] Empty Warlock apply [Accepted]

    Post by Pain on 13/9/2011, 23:22

    Personal Information:
    Name: Kasper.

    [u]Age: 23

    [u]Gender: Male

    [u]Location: Denmark

    [u]In-game Information:
    [u]Name: Paiintrain

    [u]Race: Human

    [u]Class: Warlock

    [u]Spec: Affliction. (Can go as destro aswell if needed)

    [u]Arena Experience:
    [u]2v2: 2.2
    [u]3v3: 2.3
    [u]5v5: 2.1 On cyclone, my old server were Runetotem, which were pretty dead, PVPwise.
    I have potential for even higher ratings im sure, but just havent got decent partners yet, which is my main reason why i have migrated to Outland.

    [u]Rated BG Experience:
    [u]Season 9: 1.8
    [u]Season 10: 2169 (current rating)

    [u]/Played: 20 days 14 hours as lvl 85

    [u]How long have you been playing? Since start in TBC

    [u][b]Random Information

    [u]Tell us something about yourself: Well, im a 23 years old, and im studying at the International buisness college in Kolding Denmark.

    [u]Goals for the season: I am aiming for Glad this season , and at least 2.4k in RBG.

    Should be possible

    [u]How did you find this guild? In trade chat actually did 2 games with you today
    , and the guys i played with sounded nice and calm, which i enjoy really much when you play that many ppl together. no one raged at any point
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    Post by Cléavage on 14/9/2011, 00:00

    yes for a trial from me

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