Warlock apply, Rolfern [Declined]


    Warlock apply, Rolfern [Declined]  Empty Warlock apply, Rolfern [Declined]

    Post by Rolfern on 17/9/2011, 14:53

    Personal Information

    Name: Andreas Næss

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Location: Norway

    In-game Information

    Name: Rolfern

    Race: Human

    Class: Warlock

    Spec: Affliction

    Arena Experience:

    2v2: n/a

    3v3: On warlock its like 2k~ish at ~2.2k mmr. Was 2.1k as paladin in s6, long gone character.

    5v5: n/a

    Rated BG Experience:

    Season 9: 2521 (7 rating shy of hero of the alliance or something

    Season 10: Was 2238 first week of s10, my team quit, I kept pugging. Now at 2041 current rating with good mmr.

    /Played: 170 days ish, almost 40 days at 85

    How long have you been playing? Since early TBC

    Random Information

    Tell us something about yourself: Calm and senseible norwegian guy. Plays WoW to be semi competitve and to have fun with friends. Very active and dedicated person.

    Goals for the season: Find a stable guild/team which I can play with and perhaps break 2.4k with again. Also want to hit 2.2k atleast in 2s, to gain some actual respect from others who only looks at certain achivements instead of the big picture.

    How did you find this guild? Saw a post on Outland realm forum.
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    Warlock apply, Rolfern [Declined]  Empty Re: Warlock apply, Rolfern [Declined]

    Post by Cléavage on 17/9/2011, 15:22

    Your a little under our requirements, and we just took a new lock, so im going to say no. But thanks for your interest.

    If you would like to join as social that would be no problem.

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