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    Post by Zèklol on 25/8/2011, 11:19

    Personal Information
    Name: Charlie
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Location: England

    In-game Information
    Name: Zèk
    Race: Draenei
    Class: Shaman
    Arena Experience: Peaked at around 2350 last season before partners quit for SC2.
    Rated BG Experience: 2300
    /Played: 85 days on this character.
    How long have you been playing? Began playing around 1 week before BC release.

    *Unable to get armory link to work, sorry

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself: Just an average guy really, I consider myself quite a calm, funny person that is always looking for ways to improve my play.
    Goals for the season: 24-2500 in arenas, and 2400 RBG rating. (Higher in both if achievable)
    How did you find this guild? Arena Junkies thread/Realm Forums

    If there is anything else you would like to know about me don't hesitate to ask!
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    Post by Cléavage on 25/8/2011, 13:32

    nice application.

    do we need a shammy hmm ill have to check.

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    Resto Shaman Application [?] Empty Re: Resto Shaman Application [?]

    Post by Pawless on 2/9/2011, 05:18

    I found this application down the forum, covered in dust. We actually could use another shaman. If you are still intrested, could you fill the new applciation form, please.

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