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    Post by Auditor on 24/8/2011, 22:46

    Hi, I'm a shadowpriest currently on Vek'nilash.
    Last season I've played Holy paladin, frost dk, spriest at 2335. this season I've played shadowplay with resto druid around 2.3k aswell. My realm though is rather extremily bad and I'm hoping to get out of it asap. That's why I was wondering if I could join you guys for RBG etc. My RBG xp is rather low though (only 1.8k) but that was just some messing about with friends, I have the s10 t2weapons and I have TS/Vent etc...

    Greetings Auditor-(Hopefully just currently) Vek'nilash.

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    Post by spinazie on 25/8/2011, 00:50

    use the application form mate!
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    Post by Pawless on 25/8/2011, 14:09

    Im not sure if you didnt bother to check any of the other applications or even the "Read this post" on the recruitment forum, or did you just want to make an application that looks like you. In any case, theres not enough info/answers so I suggest you to use the application form.

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