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    Post by Wizzq on 24/8/2011, 22:10

    1.Personal Information:
    Iam a 19 years old student, on my freetime i play wow/HoN, and football with ma friends. Had a lil break from wow for a while over the summer but now am up for it again.

    2. Name: Oskar

    3. Age: 19

    4. Gender: Male

    5. Location: Live in sweden.

    6. My ingame information: Been playing WoW/pvp for like 5 years now and i still enjoy it. At my mage iav been at 2,6k rating at season 9, rouge 2,2k and pri, 2,3k (3v3 ofc)Been in millions of Bgs= justicar.

    7. Name: Wizzq

    8. Race: Nightelf female

    9. Class: Frost mage..

    10.Arena experience: 2600

    11.Rated battleground experience: Havnt played it serius, so i got no exp of it.

    12. Time played: 300hours (just at mage)

    13: how long have you been playing? Around 5years+-


    15. Random information: Uber comp, uber headset,uber internet=uber player

    16: Something about your self: Am hot

    17: Goals for the season is basicly to get as high as possible in RBG and earn glad in arena++.

    18: How did you find this guild? My friend Krutmaja

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    Frostmage [Accepted] Empty Re: Frostmage [Accepted]

    Post by Cléavage on 25/8/2011, 18:07

    interesting. Will get back to this!

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