Retribution Paladin [Accepted]


    Retribution Paladin [Accepted] Empty Retribution Paladin [Accepted]

    Post by Pally on 21/8/2011, 23:04

    Name: Per
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Location: Skanor, Sweden

    Name: Pallyherox
    Race: Human
    Class: Paladin, Specc: Retribution
    Arena experience: I have been playing on 2.2k+ rating in 3v3 in season 9 and 2.3k rating this season.
    Rbg experience: I havent really play rbg that serious, only on about 2050 rating this season and the reason for that is that there is no really good pvp guild on Sunstrider, that is also the reason why i migrated here.
    Played: 104 days
    I have been playing wow since late vanilla, i started as a warrior but in the late tbc i started playing my Paladin. I have been playing PvP since Cataclysm was realesed. I wanted to try PvP since i have always play PvE before.
    I couldnt find a link of my char since i just migrated here, i hope this will work, it´s me on my old server
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    Retribution Paladin [Accepted] Empty Re: Retribution Paladin [Accepted]

    Post by Cléavage on 21/8/2011, 23:23

    spoke ingame, willing to offer a trial as backup melee spot.

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