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    Post by Krutmaja on 21/8/2011, 20:14

    1.Personal Information.
    Well im a 20 year old student..usually work but just back to school a lazy year infront of me so i'll be able to be on everyday for several hours.

    2. Name: Fredrik

    3. Age: 20

    4. Gender: Male?

    5. Location: Live in sweden.

    6. My ingame information. Well ive been playing loads of pvp for a long time..been on 2500 rating on my priest..played FMP..been on 2400 rating on my lock played LSD...been on 2300 on my rogue played RMP..been on 2,2 on my hunter played djungle cleave..been doing over like 20 000 bgs during my playtime back from vanilla.

    7. Name: My game name is Krutmaja

    8. Race..human female

    9. Class: Shadow priest

    10.Arena experience: 2500

    11.Rated battleground experience: Not to mutch..been doin like 8 rbgs won everything..thought it was quite boring back then so..but i wanna get it going it serious and se where it takes me.

    12. Time played.. 28 days and 15 hours on this time played 42 days 27 min.

    13: how long have you been playing? well for like 5-6 years or so..


    15. Random information: I got a good working microphone..good computer..good internet and im more than rdy yo.

    16: Something about your self: I luv the game

    17: Goals for the season is basicly to get as high as possible in RBG and earn glad in arena.

    18: How did you find this guild? In the im kiddin..i was typing im lf guild in trade and a guy told me to apply. Thx for readin.
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    Post by Cléavage on 23/8/2011, 02:30

    looks good tbh, if lida is less active we might have use for you.

    Yes from me. Paw?

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    Post by Pawless on 23/8/2011, 08:19

    Backup for Lidá I'd say, yeah.

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