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    Post by Solafid on 20/8/2011, 23:56

    Personal Information
    Name: Konrad
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Location: London (but Polish origin)

    In-game Information
    Name: Solafid
    Race: Tauren (soon to be Human)
    Class: Warrior (Arms or Prot)
    Arena Experience: 2.2k in 3s in s9 and s10
    RBGs experience: 2k
    Played time: 102 days
    Playing since: Mid WoTLK

    About myself: I'd like to join this guild as I'm very keen on doing rateds. I was in Keczi's RBG team back on Mazrigos (I think you received an apply form him too), yet i joined it 2 weeks into the season, so I'm currently 200 rating behind everyone else I played with. Unfortunately, I was the only one in this group of players not to get 2.2k in rbgs, as like i explained i joined the team later than everyone else. Subsequently I decided to get 2.2 from 3s with Keczi aka Imahorse. For some reason still unknown to me, the RBG team we were playing with dispersed, and Mazrigos being a very small server with only 3 teams at 2.2k, it was not possible to gather a group of players to start another one which would be on par to the last team.

    Goals for this season: 2.4k in 3s and RBGs is my aim, although If i reach this rating swiftly I obviously plan on going higher.

    How did you find this guild?: me and my friend/arena partner Keczi/Imahorse were looking to move to Outland and I beleive he did some digging around and found this guild, and it would be great to be in the same guild as my arena buddy and most importantly to a guild that I beleive has a strong PvP community.

    P.S. I plan to move to Outland the coming Wednesday after I acquire my 391 2-hander.

    Link to armory

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    Post by Solafid on 21/8/2011, 00:02

    Not letting me post link, Solafid/Mazrigos

    Edit: *from *believe
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    Post by Cléavage on 23/8/2011, 02:26

    sorry for the late response, but its a no sorry, not in need of another warrior atm

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