Protection Warrior Purpi [Declined]


    Protection Warrior Purpi [Declined] Empty Protection Warrior Purpi [Declined]

    Post by Purpi on 20/8/2011, 14:59

    Hello !

    Personal Information
    Name: Petteri, between friends just Pete
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Location: Winland!

    In-game Information
    Name: Purpi
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Warrior
    Arena Experience: ~1800
    Rated BG Experience: Season 9 Marshal, currently I'm at 2017 rating.
    /Played: 103 days, 13 hours and so on..
    How long have you been playing? Been playing the warrior class since spring 2005, around 5-6 years in total.
    Armory link:
    Isn't she beautiful?

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself: I drive a lorry for living and I'm proud of being a "lorryist". Passionate to music (from folk to black metal), play/played several instruments.
    Goals for the season: Is there a roof to set rating-wise? My goal is to become a respected player in my team and live happily ever after!
    How did you find this guild? Seen You on trade channel and AJ. I'm aware of that I don't meet the requirements precisely, but for my defence I want to say that with over 200 games played I can say I'm not a newcomer any more.

    And those 225 games that I've played so far, I played 95% of them in Protection spec (including both, base defending and flag carrying). If I was wanted as Arms for several maps, I was able to handle that spot too.

    Thanks for reading my application, looking forward to hear from you! I will gladly answer to any possible questions.

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    Protection Warrior Purpi [Declined] Empty [Declined]

    Post by Pawless on 21/8/2011, 13:56

    Sorry but bit too far from the required ratings. If you feel that you can reach the ratings, please do so and come back to us!

    Thanks for applying!

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