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    Post by Pvn on 18/8/2011, 18:18

    Personal Information
    Name: Erik
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Location: sweden

    In-game Information
    Name: stronkpvn, pvn
    Race: be
    Class: paladin
    Arena Experience: 2.7k+ as dk, s2,s3 glad as warrior
    Rated BG Experience: not much 2kish with random pugs
    How long have you been playing? since vanilla
    Armory link:
    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself: well ive been playing warrior for most of the time in tbc which i manage to get glad in s2 and s3 which i also sold at the end of s4(tried to stop playing).In wrath i rerolled dk and played mostly pve were i manage to peak 2.5k in 3s. Cata i just played for some months at the start with some irl friends and quit after some months. Now i just rerolled at TN with some rls as paladin and im looking for some more serious rbgs then i can find on this server.
    Goals for the season:mostly getting into the top rbg team and maybe if i find a good team to reach glad in 3s.
    How did you find this guild? aj

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    Post by Cléavage on 18/8/2011, 18:35

    Not very much RBG or arena experience on your pala. Think it might be risky as we often use holy pala's in defense, i would prefer having a more experienced healer. Plus we have one holy pala with a certain spot in the main team already. I would maybe suggest joining as a backup, but i cant expect that as you'd have to transfer.

    No from me in that case.

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    Post by spinazie on 18/8/2011, 18:37

    Seems solid on his dk tho with the legendary axe 2.7k
    Don't know how you doing on ur holy pala.

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    Post by Pvn on 18/8/2011, 18:48

    Well, im a fine healer, its just that i havnt been playing with any serious players in 3s, just been helping some random rls with some conq points but yeah i get ur point, and if you already have an active holy paladin i get why.

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