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    Post by spinazi on 23/7/2011, 03:32

    Personal Information

    Name: Pieter De Coninck


    Gender: male

    Location: Belgium and Central London

    In-game Information

    Name: Spinazie


    Class: Druid

    Arena Experience: nearly none with this toon cause i made it for rbg's

    Rated BG Experience: quite alot with crime syndicate i was always there out healing tha troops and don't let them die! yeah you aswell cleavage
    /Played: not sure but about 50-60 days on this charachter but on all my chars together about 400 days i think
    How long have you been playing? since the beta came out on american servers played with ishani untill wrath came out
    Armory link:

    Random Information

    Euhm i'm a gold geek and i used to deposit gold into the guild vault for repairs for evryone
    I got all professions and nearly all recipes along my 2 accounts and i can provide free supplies aswell
    I got not the required rbg or arena rating but i'm sure i can compete with you guys in rbg's cause i'm used to play with a few of you!

    Tell us something about yourself:
    I'm a doctor and also working for an agency
    past month's i spent in japan working for my agency providing them intell and giving ppl in and out the region of fukushima health care
    then i had to quit it cause my personal health was suffering hard times from it and i've been now for 2 month's in hospital as patient this time for check ups and stuff.
    But now i want to play wow back again and i'm finally able again to sit behind a computer screen again without suffering from headaches.
    And i hope to hear an awnser from u soon.
    Should be playing again next weekend probably =) for now i stick with my 2nd account and do some auctioneering from time to time.

    Goals for the season:
    high rbg rating and some 2's and 3's and maybe if we can setup a 5's aswell

    How did you find this guild?
    Asked pawless what happened with crime syndicate
    And he redirected me to here

    Kind regards
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