Judgernaut's apply [Declined]


    Judgernaut's apply [Declined] Empty Judgernaut's apply [Declined]

    Post by Judgerna on 23/7/2011, 03:31

    Personal Information
    Name:Emil Johansson

    In-game Information
    Arena Experience:1900
    Rated BG Experience:500
    /Played:68days 14 hours;)
    How long have you been playing? I've been playing wow for almost 5 years now i believe:>

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself:I can be a quite shy guy but when you get to know me hopefully you will love me and my bad sense of humour, i like beeing on the gym , drive mx and ofc wow;)
    Goals for the season:Earn so high rating in rated bgs as possible!
    How did you find this guild?I tried a few games with a guild on horde and met you in WSG i believe then i saw a couple of guys outside firelands did go straight to ally and made a new char asked a few questions to Pokemonmasta (he isn't a guild member i know;)) but he did do bgs with you i asked him since you guys were busy with rbgs:)) And ofc i was looking for a good rbg team to join since Arena doesn't interest me. I want a nice kind guild with good players i haven't really gotten into any on horde all arrogant achi nerds since i don't have 2.2k exp in ant bracket i could not join any teams, tho i was a member of double rainbow and did sum 3000mmr bgs but then Zuzah decided to be the only paladin in the group so that screwed up my 2.2k achi now i tried a few games with Bog Pig too much rageing imo and not too good players. So i think you guys think "oh this guy doesn't have any achievements or related in guild let's decline this apply" but please give me a try, im good. From the server i came from i was unbeatable in duels and doing rated bgs with a good team is pretty much my highest wish right now lol half way to of the horde / alliance on this paladin i started up in wotlk i love bgs pleaes guys;)

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