Holy pala, Andronator [Accepted]


    Holy pala, Andronator [Accepted] Empty Holy pala, Andronator [Accepted]

    Post by Andron on 26/9/2011, 22:30

    Personal Information





    In-game Information




    Arena Experience:
    2v2: 2246
    3v3: 2577
    5v5: 2146

    Rated BG Experience:
    Season 9:
    Season 10: ~2k


    How long have you been playing? I've started playing in Vanlilla and fell in love with the paladin class. always played paladin, Went some arena in tbc and played on around 2k rating. Sold the account when Wotlk came out and took a break. started playing again from scratch the last weeks of wotlk and started doing arena more serious during cataclysm, Reached 2.5k rating as TSG (dk unholy) in s9. and went even higher in s10 as TSG (dk still unholy) almost ~2.6. but still been 2.2 - 2.3 as wlp, KFC, rogue warr pala, atleast 2.2 mmr as dk, feral, paladin. this season

    Random Information I know i don't have that much rbg experience but im an active player and always looking to ways to improve.
    Tell us something about yourself: Im currently studying at a university but only half time and got alot of spare time. I know i don't have much rbg experience but give me a chance to show that im capable of playing on a higher rating in rbg

    Goals for the season: I want to improve as a player and try out the Rated BG serious.

    How did you find this guild? Drphilx talked about the guild in a 5s game. I've been playing some arena with pawléss and both of are very good players so i checked out the guild
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    Post by Cléavage on 26/9/2011, 23:58


    couple things. we will expect you to be vocal, talk
    with the FC. Know how to use cooldowns and communicate the ones you
    have. Youll be primarily a defence healer, and must also know how to do
    that effectively. When to place banner, when to be close for smoke bomb

    whisper an officer ingame for an invite

    Current state of Heroic Leap:
    Holy pala, Andronator [Accepted] Heroicleap-2

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