Vidialol Paladin [Declined]


    Vidialol Paladin [Declined] Empty Vidialol Paladin [Declined]

    Post by Vidia on 24/9/2011, 21:28

    Name: Niklas
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Location: Sweden

    In-game Information

    Name: Vidialol
    Race: Dwarf female but going Human i think soon
    Class: Paladin (Main Specc Holy offspecc Prot)
    Spec: Holy for RBG
    Arena Experience: My Arena exp is 2400+ in all brackets on my priest and i got the glad title and mount etc
    Rated BG Experience: 2195 bah really wanted the last 5 points
    /Played: 37 days and 3 hours. but my total played time is so much more
    How long have you been playing?: I have played wow for about 5 years now

    Random Information

    Tell us something about yourself: Im a 19 yr old guy from sweden that works in the military and i like to play computer games on my owntime
    Goals for the season: Getting atleast 2.4k+ in rbgs
    How did you find this guild?: I have been playing on this server for abit and i have seen you guys ARE U NOT ENTERTAINED and so i whisper Fullflush and asked him about the guild and he told me to apply and here i am

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    Post by Amraxx on 24/9/2011, 22:20

    As I said, you was VERY rude to me, and you do not have the exp reqs on the Pala, sorry im being harsh about this but you asked me I replyed, and said you need the reqs on your pala, and you went off on one. Then you insulted me. So tbh, theres no reason atall for it to be accepted.
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    Post by Cléavage on 24/9/2011, 22:23

    We regard attitude very highly here.

    you spoke to Amraxx ingame, based off what hes told me about your convo im gonna decline this without reading.

    Gl finding a guild.


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