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    Post by Abex on 23/9/2011, 00:17

    Personal Information

    Name: William
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Location: Netherlands

    In-game Information

    Name: Abex
    Race: Human
    Class: Paladin (Holy or Ret got gear and spec for both)
    Spec: Holy for RBG
    Arena Experience: 2300 is the highest i got on my warrior in WotLk i then rolled a paladin my exp on him is 2214 atm as holy with the setup feral unholy dk hpala and as ret its 2206 ret rogue dk.
    2v2: 2200 3v3: 2300 5v5: 2066
    Rated BG Experience: 2297.. i know its sad i didnt get the 3 points
    Season 9: 2206 Season 10: 2214 in arena 2297 in RBG.
    /Played: 163 days and 9 hours.
    How long have you been playing?: I think i played the game for about 4 years now and i have always been interested in PvP i never liked Pve.

    Random Information

    Tell us something about yourself: Im a 18 year old guy with alot of experience and im very vocal and good in teamwork inside RBG. I like to play RBG because it gives u the idea of a raid but the fun of pvp
    Goals for the season: Getting 2400 exp in 3v3 and High Warlord in rbg
    How did you find this guild?: I changed from horde to Alliance not long ago and i had no guild i saw Fullflush in Stormwind and i asked him some questions and he told me to apply.
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    Post by Cléavage on 26/9/2011, 00:21

    looks good accepted.

    couple things. we will expect you to be vocal, talk with the FC. Know how to use cooldowns and communicate the ones you have. Youll be primarily a defence healer, and must also know how to do that effectively. When to place banner, when to be close for smoke bomb etc.

    Current state of Heroic Leap:
    Abex Hpala [Accepted] Heroicleap-2
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    Post by Pawless on 28/9/2011, 21:05

    I have no clue what those ratings are cus theyre all messed up tho

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