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    BinmanX Application. [Declined] Empty BinmanX Application. [Declined]

    Post by Binmanx on 23/7/2011, 03:30

    Personal Information
    Name:Scott Jenkins.

    In-game Information
    Arena Experience:Deadly and Vengfull Gladiator. 2.2k on rogue and 2.7k on druid
    Rated BG Experience:verry little atm.
    How long have you been playing? been playing wow for all of 5 and a half years now.
    Armory link (druid) (rogue)

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself:im 20 love video games hav about all of blizards games and am looking forward to the upand cmming ones such as diablo 3! going to college to do computer games dessing then hopeing to go onto universaty to do it and get a careear started in the buisnes! (im dislexic too so spelling in this application might be bad alon with grammer.)
    Goals for the season:To be the best i always strive to being the best haing been in SI when was horde iv always wanted to go as high as i can go.
    How did you find this guild? in game advertisments.

    Thanks for Reading

    Scott jenkins.

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