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    Post by Broken on 15/9/2011, 23:54

    Personal Information
    Name: Adrian

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Location: Romania and UK

    In-game Information
    Name: Brokenheals

    Race: Human

    Class: Priest

    Spec: Shadow

    Arena Experience:
    2v2: 2231
    3v3: 2220
    5v5: 1770

    Rated BG Experience:
    Season 9: 1800 (started at the end of the season - was on Shattered Halls-Vindication BG previously and there were very few pvp-ers to manage a steady rbg team )
    Season 10: 2175 (2140 atm)

    /Played: 141 days overall, 55 days at 85

    How long have you been playing? End of TBC

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself: Started RBG's with HAZEL guild last season. At the start of this season formed my own RBG guild (First Class) and got most of the members to 2.2 (our core group mar was 2250). When they reached 2.2, most went to higher rbg guilds for faster progression.
    As for non wow-related info: I used to work as Deck Officer on board Container Ships, spent the last 2 years in the UK studying for my MSc and will move back to the UK in 1 month to start work at a Maritime Shipping company (09:00-17:00 job) so i'll have evenings free to play.

    Goals for the season: Arena Master(2.2 in 5's) and Grand Marshal

    How did you find this guild? Few of the members from First Class came here, and i heard good things so i decided to apply.
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    Post by Cléavage on 17/9/2011, 15:24

    At the moment your a little too below our requirements, so im going to say no for membership. If you wish to join as social, that would be fine.

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    Post by Pawless on 17/9/2011, 22:02


    We got a good bunch of older gamers, I think you'd fit in.

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