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    Post by Johanyo on 6/9/2011, 01:03

    Personal Information
    Name: Johan

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Location: Sweden.

    In-game Information
    Name: Johanyo

    Race: Dwarf Male

    Class: Paladin

    Spec: Holy

    Arena Experience:
    2v2: 2100+
    3v3: 2200+
    5v5: Haven't played any 5s actually.

    Rated BG Experience:
    Season 9: I played mainly my shaman during this season and got up to 1.9k. But i decided to leave the game but came back.. like every other guy haha. I changed my class into to paladin and loving it.
    Season 10: None, mainly been focusing on arena actually.

    /Played: 27 days. 17 hours. 31 minutes.

    How long have you been playing?
    Since vanilla. Played Warrior Tank.

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself:
    I am a warm guy actually. Sense of humor and i hardly rage at all. I am calm and relaxing laid back guy who plays the guitarr and actually are hunting/fishing aswell on my spare time.

    Goals for the season:
    I'd like to reach high rating with RBGS. I wanna get more experience in it and learning more tactics. But in arena wise I'd like to reach 2.4k - 2.5
    How did you find this guild?
    Was looking for a PvP guild and I saw one of ur DKS in it. So i started to whisper some members asking for requirements to join it. I was guided by Fullflush who then told me to make an application here.

    I hope you enjoy the reading. Just ask me ingame about anything
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    Post by Cléavage on 6/9/2011, 01:05

    not enough RBG xp this season ans we got holy pala spot covered. No from me

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    Post by Pawless on 6/9/2011, 01:06

    Cleavage has spoken. We are open if you want to join as social, you seem like a nice fella. We have fun/wpvp events fairly often.

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