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    Post by Lold on 4/9/2011, 17:36

    Personal Information
    That would be Jack
    South west England.
    In-game Information
    A bit were i can expand, Brilliant. I am currently Applying on my rogue (Lold), But Can move my shaman at a later date. Were to start? I Used to lead RBG Pugs daily, And then i got picked up by gamesense. In gamesense i had my own RBG Team that would run 3 times a week. Sadly times came and a mage by the name of sarkzz Migrated and since he has higher ratings, I got replaced. Sad times. But now im back and looking for a RBG Team to either lead or take part in on my rogue. I have had Various RBG Groups, So i will list them.
    Gamesense: Red team. (2.2+)
    HAZEL (only played a few games before their main rogue returned from holiday)
    COSMOS: Leading Alongside Conser, Lead a group once every two days Approx 2.4 mmr and 2.3k rating
    Prolapse Gaming: Lead a few RBGS. Was waiting for most of the guild to migrate. So as it stands its kind of innactive.

    Night elf
    Arena Experience: (Taken from Various characters)
    2v2: 1905
    3v3: 2189 (ele) 2250 (Resto)
    5v5: 1850, Wrath though. So it doesnt matter.

    Rated BG Experience:
    Season 9: 2200 Rbg Team Had a win/loss ratio in twinpeaks of 35-3 And warsong gulch with 30-6 (gilneas was always my downfall)
    Season 10:
    Played my newly created elemental shaman instead. Grinded 2.3 Asap with various guilds. Win losses currently.Twin peaks 15-0. Warsong Gulch 10-2 (This time Ab being my downfall)

    49 Days 23 Hours on Lold, 28 days 4 hours on shaman, 169 Days 20 hours on My old paladin lolchair.
    How long have you been playing?
    I have been playing world of warcraft for about 4 years now, had a few breaks in S5/s6 Since Ret dk really rubbed me the wrong way :/

    Random Information
    Tell us something about yourself:
    About Myself? Lets have a think, Apart from world of Warcraft i rarely venture downstairs for the nutrition i need to carry on playing. The sunlight hurts my eyes so the only time i venture out into the big outdoors is late at night and if i am tempted by various substances, This qualifies me to be a pretty good Backup, I will always Throw a ingame mail to an officer (or all of them if i have the time) To say i am actually venturing out into the big wide world.
    Goals for the season:
    For this season my Main aim Would be to find a guild i can stick with. Im sick of this hopping, so i am hoping to bring this rogue up as my new main and secure a team for many seasons to come. Aims, rating wise would be to nail 2.4 and then progress to (hopefully) 2.5 in RBGS. Since i have been crawling up the ladders every season.
    How did you find this guild?
    I actually found this guild when i faction changed my rogue to alliance. and i was talking to a old friend of mine (Amraxx)who I used to play rbgs with. And i asked about alliance guilds, And he recommended this one. Seems a little bit bland but that's how most things are these days anyway.

    Sorry if its a little bit short but im a little worn down from warsong gulch grinding for my rogue. I will come back and edit this later if i see any incorrect information and possibly add in more.

    Thanks for your time, If you need to talk about anything. Message me ingame. And we can have a chat on skype.

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    Post by Lold on 4/9/2011, 17:42

    Just Adding, I Could be a decent addition to the guild to help strengthen warsong gulch and twin peaks tactics. Since i have a decent win - loss in those battlegrounds and many hours leading them, And i could use a little help with AB. , Help me help you is how i would put it.

    Thanks again.
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    Post by Pawless on 4/9/2011, 19:42

    Cleavagex, our recruitment officer well get back to this soon as he returns from his trip (Monday)

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    Post by Cléavage on 6/9/2011, 01:38

    bit full on melee and rogues. Any friend of Amraxx can have a social spot however, but its a no for RBG membership.

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